My trajectory using photography started during my degree in journalism. At university, I could experiment with borrowed cameras while trying to follow a tradition of 'realistic' photography much inherited from the supremacy of photographing for the media. 
After living in various parts of the world, I learned about the value of carrying my camera around. I was set to register scenes randomly. I never knew what I was doing or why. 20 years later, I developed a portfolio that comprises these impressions repurposed into lines of inquiry.
Here on the website, I introduced a small sample of each series. After all these years, I realised that my work does not only lack the technical skills of the so-called professional photographers, as it also approaches urban life from a very intimate, untransferable perspective. 
If I could define what I do, I would say I portray my and other people's desires, I observe public life as de-institutionalised or devoid of meaning as possible, and I spot relationships between people and their immediate space. 
I am currently editing my first book, including the series Cities, Blurs, and Shapes.

Thank you for visiting my website,
Helton Levy
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