La Tortura (2006-2016) started during an extended stay in Buenos Aires, when I tried to make sense of queer desire in the streets of Argentina's capital city. The fast access to strangers in urban life, when pedestrians cross while waiting for a traffic light, for example, or people we know only while queueing or seeing through the windows of a vehicle, form a web of impossible interactions, which I named 'La Tortura'. This name mainly reflects the reality of those who are queers, living in a heteronormative framework of looks and feels. The subjects are always heterosexual men as the frequent target of the queer gaze. I ended up proposing the same reading for the streets in cities as distinct as Lima, Havana, Athens, Los Angeles, and London. The series approaches the voyeur as a character that has lost its authority, but not the position of a marginal participant in social interactions.
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